cut短语归纳date back to/date from的区别

2022-07-24 14:24:02

cut短语归纳date back to/date from的区别
1)用作动词:get one’s hair cut 理发;cut a figure in stone 雕刻石像;cut the price 降价;
cut down on smoking 减少吸烟;cut in 插嘴,插入,cut in with a few words 插嘴讲几句话;
cut off a corner切掉一角;cut off electricity切断电源;cut off three sentences删去三个句子;
cut out切掉,删掉;cut out the last part of the play把剧本的最后一部分删掉;cut…open切开;
cut a loaf of bread in two 把一块面包一切为二;cut the article 删节文章;cut down trees 伐树。
2) 用作名词:the cuts on one’s arms 臂上的伤口:make big cuts削减,降价
①Big cuts have been made____the prices of medicine.
②The strong wind cut_____the electricity of the whole city.
③The chairman spoke so fast that nobody could cut____.
④All the trees were cut_____.They will have to answer for their foolish action

Key:①in ②off ③in ④down


2、date back to / date from
The tower dates back to 1173.这座塔起始于1173年。
The old church dates from the first century A.d.这座古老的教堂起始于公元1世纪。
My interest in stamp collecting dates from my schooldays.从学生时代起,我对集邮就开始感兴趣。
3、day by day / day after day
day by day一天天地
day after day日复一日,一天又一天
①Day by day he seems to grow a little stronger.
②I have to do this work day after day.

  1. More than one high official by the police since the mayor war shot dead.
  A.has been questioned B. have been questioned
  C. was questioned D.were questioned
  2.Half of the food in the bag bad.You’d better throw it away.
  A. has B.have C .are D. ls
  3.What we want go od textbooks.
  A .have B.has C. is D .are
  4.He no less than I eager goto the Great Wall.
  A. am B. iS C.are D.were
  5.The construction of the two new railway lines by now.
  A. has been completed B. have been completed
  C .has completed D.have completed
  l A。【解析】考查主谓一致和时态。more than one+单数名词作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式,又由since引导的从句的时态可知主句时态应为现在完成时。故答案选A。
  2 D。【解析】分析句子结构可知,句子的主语是Half of the food,谓语动词应用单数形式,且bad为形容词,故答案选D。
  3 D。【解析】当what引 导的从句作主语时,谓语的单复数形式由句子意思来确定。Textbooks为复数形式,故句子的谓语动词也应为复数形式。
  4 B。【解析】本句的主语是He,句子的谓语动词要用单数形式,所以答案选B。
  5 A。【解析】句子的主语是The construction,谓语动词应该用单数形式,且由句意可知,此处应用被动语态,故答案选A。